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Faculty of Science, KMITL is one of the largest Science faculties in Thailand and the second largest in KMITL with more than 4,000 students at undergraduate and postgraduate levels. The Faculty dedicated to produce professionals in applied science and technology at both undergraduate and postgraduate levels, with high standards and affordable. Undergraduate students are required to carry out special projects and industrial training as part of their study programs. Graduates of our Faculty are highly regarded, taking positions in both government institutions and private sectors.

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If you are a potential student considering to be a part of KMITL or visitor planning on visiting KMITL, and around the institute, as well as, the Ladkrabang district, where to live, what to do, tourist attractions, and more. To learn more about KMITL and our programs, as well as admission procedure, please check on the links.

Cinque Terre Cinque Terre

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